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Baggage Claim

Directed by: Nikki Neurohr
Written by:
Nikki Neurohr and Rick Hansberry
Produced by: Little Pinwheel Productions

This dark comedy road trip follows two estranged siblings having to venture together to their hometown in effort to identify their out-of-the-picture mother’s body.

Coming 2023

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Crimson Shadows

Directed by: Bears Rebecca Fonté

Written by: Bears Rebecca Fonté and Rick Hansberry

Grace, a morphine addicted nurse doesn't have much reason to fight back when Evienne, a vampire, kidnaps her. Evienne has preyed on the city for years. Now, with her still-human son Henry dying of cancer, Evienne has nowhere left to turn.

Produced Works


Directed by: Dinah Rokhinson

Written By: Brooke Vanderdonck and Rick Hansberry
Produced By: Brooke Vanderdonck and Rick Hansberry

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Valkyrie Film Fest.PNG

A struggling photographer attempts a unique marketing angle in a never-turn-back attempt to finally open her own studio.

Chasing Forever

Directed by: Karl Nickoley

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: DummyDog Films, Dirty Water Pictures

What do you do when you have the opportunity to see a long lost love again?


Directed by: Chris Messineo

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Oscar's Trailer, Offstage Films

A holiday tradition, four friends trudge through the snow in search of the perfect Christmas tree. What they discover in the woods are lessons to last a lifetime.


Directed by: Michael Shumway

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Shumway Studios

A man separated from his wife fights to return home while the Earth falls to invasion.


Directed by: George L. Heredia

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: George L. Heredia, Rick Hansberry

Speed dating with a twist. A romantic comedy providing a fun look into our hearts.


Directed by: Brittany Snyman

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: End Eternal Productions, Fear Crypt, Kat Carollo LLC

When Rachel and Ellen agreed to go to dinner at Scarlet's, they never thought that they would become dinner.

My Two O'clock

Directed by: Camila Rizzo

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Neil Brennan is facing his dream job interview and he's determined to knock it out of the park. 


Evil In Her

Directed by: Arun Konda

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Dynamic Features

When a series of young women are brutally killed, one of the spirits from those women seek to exact revenge on the killers as it works through the body of an unsuspecting newlywed.

'Til Death

Directed by: Zak Harney

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Cassandra Domingo

'Til death is just too long for some couples. When Jenna brings Paul's integrity into question, a night of tit for tat ensues. But who is telling the truth?

Clean Slate

Directed by: Rick Hansberry

Written by: Rick Hansberry, Gary Howell, Brad Norris

Created by: Rick Hansberry

A web series about the power of suggestion. The lives of a freelance editor and an aspiring singer-songwriter are turned upside down when they meet a mysterious numerologist who begins to forecast events that change everyone's life.


Directed by: Wesley Mellott

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Thinking Art Entertainment

In order to bring her sister back to life, Aggie recruits the help of her friend Lilith to perform a human sacrifice.

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Missed Stop

Directed by: Cesar Saldana

Written by: Rick Hansberry

A man seeks to foster optimism but his positive approach is challenged between train stops.

An Irish Story: This is my Home

Directed by: Karl Nickoley

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Vision Films

The Black Donnellys attempt to break the Guinness World Record for a concert played in every U.S. state while exploring Irish immigration to America and its influence and heritage.


Directed by: Bryan Sandlin & Veronica Vasques

Story by: Desirée Brajevich & Jennifer Skiffington

Screenplay by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Village Rogue Productions in association with Kefi Studio

It wasn't always this way.

It's Not Permanent

Directed by: Rick Hansberry

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Rick Hansberry, Be A Giver

A dramatic short film about a teen's positive approach to dealing with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Monster School

Produced by: Teen Story Tellers Project

Written by: Rick Hansberry

The first day on a school bus can be scary - imagine how bad it is when you go to Monster School.

Pretty Penny

Micro-Short Film

Directed by: Mark Pontz

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Cinematography: Mark Pontz and Chris Ruch

A woman arrives late for her job, but she still has plenty of time to take care of business.


Micro-Short Film

Written by: Rick Hansberry

Produced by: Rick Hansberry and Sarah Hawkins

A young woman takes some small steps toward changing the world.

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