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Baggage Claim

Upon learning of their mother's untimely death, stoner Abby and high-strung Ben must embark on a wild body identification road trip home while learning to face each other's imperfections - and claim their own emotional baggage.

Directed by: Nikki Neurohr
Written by: Nikki Neurohr and Rick Hansberry
Produced by: Little Pinwheel Productions

Producers: Nikki Neurohr, Rick Hansberry, James McDonald, Shannon Felletter
Starring: Nikki Neurohr, James Mcdonald, Jenny Strassburg, Emree Franklin, Lily Jane, Tyler Hollinger, Ethan Monaghan, Shannon Felletter, Michael McIntire, Greg Kretzer, Gabe DeRose, Jim Fröehhlich, Andrew Miles

Currently in post-production, coming 2023

Trailers and Teasers

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