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All Is Well

It’s deep into the night at The Station bar, and Jessie (Katie North) is a lonesome straggling patron drowning her sorrows in booze. Her friend Brendan (Matthew Dalton-Lynch) swoops in to comfort her in such a vulnerable state. 

With further insight to the fire burning in Jessie’s mind, the two friends continue their journey and find the support of a friend and a tether to special memories can pull you out of the darkest of times.

Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A young woman finds a glimpse of hope after a tough night at the bar with a friend, as she struggles through the pitfalls of grief.

Directed by: Julia Schnarr
Written by: Julia Schnarr and Rick Hansberry
Produced by: Oscar's Trailer and Bold Media Films
Starring: Katie North and Matthew Dalton Lynch

Since filming in June 2023, "All Is Well" is currently in post -production.

"Alone" Music Video Teaser

Coming September 29, 2023

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